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RAIN® Funds

RAIN Funds are LLC’s consisting of 20 plus investors who will invest $1 million or more in total capital in various companies. The RAIN Fund investors make all the decisions in selecting the companies in which they want to invest and the capital to allocate to each company. RAIN Source Capital provides templates that enhance the investment process, enabling investors to focus on adding value to their portfolio. This is how RAIN Source Capital works with your RAIN Fund to make a difference in your community. While your individual RAIN Fund will manage the overall investment strategy for the companies in your portfolio, you will have the considerable network that RAIN Source Capital provides at your disposal.

The concept behind the RAIN Funds program is for individuals to have a chance to make a difference in their community. Small companies are the lifeblood of our economy; bringing new ideas, new jobs and new opportunities to communities throughout the country. By investing in these companies, RAIN Fund members have a chance to help their community grow, while also getting a return on their investment

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Empowerment Funds

Our Empowerment Funds are professionally managed funds by RAIN Source Capital in alliance with other professionals. The intent of the Empowerment Funds is to further advance the efforts of early stage and growth companies with expanded sources of capital to fill the funding gap. This series of funds provides equity, subordinated debt and collateral leasing for early stage and growth companies.

For more information on our Empowerment Funds click here or contact:

RAIN Junior Debt Fund at 651.287.4792

Leasing Fund and Invest Northwest Fund: Call  651.632.2140


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