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RAIN® Fund Program

RAIN Funds

Member managed—a RAIN Fund is a member-lead group consisting of 20+ investors who invest         $1million or more into promising growth companies.

RAIN Funds
            • Community based
            • Member-managed LLC
Provide the opportunity for: 
            •Individual side by side investments 
            • Leverages of RAIN Funds 
Why are RAIN Funds different from other Angel funds? 
         The RAIN Network of RAIN Funds
            • Syndication opportunities within our network
            • Leverages fund and individual networks
            • RAIN Source Capital best practices

If you want the opportunity to start a fund, know of a group of individual investors who would benefit from organizing a RAIN Fund, or if you would like to learn more about our RAIN Fund program, please call 651.632.2140.

Benefits to Angel Investors

For angel investors attempting to invest by themselves, the challenges can be daunting. Deal sourcing and evaluating business plans are time consuming; due diligence may require locating and using outside experts – sometimes at a cost; and legal support can be expensive. RAIN Source® Capital's RAIN Funds remove those barriers and enhance investment returns by:

  • Sharing capital, expertise and time with other RAIN Fund members
  • Increasing the quality of deal flow
  • Ensuring thorough due diligence and monitoring
  • Reducing transaction and monitoring costs
  • Increasing capital available to sustain a company
  • Enhancing opportunity for timely exits.

Benefits to Communities

  • Creating a sustainable investment fund
  • Providing a source of capital and expertise critical to early and high growth companies in the area
  • Helping to recruit and nurture technology companies
  • Building the capacity for local wealth creation
  • Growing businesses that create good jobs.


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